The history of "HEAD" brand is linked to the first realization of the HEOLO Speaker, who was born almost "by accident" by an intuition of Luigi Ponzo and Leonardo D'Aprano, when, on behalf of an audiophile Club in Rome, they accepted the challenge to create an audiophile omni-directional loudspeaker .

The initial intuition and the subsequent experimental study perfected through years of work, led to the creation of a prototype that stunned the designers themselves, far exceeding the initial expectations and specifications of the project. As a result, the desire to extend the range of products has meant that the working group has been extended with new trusted collaborators:

Graziano Ponzo, designer of TU.LI.P. Preamplifier and MUSI.CA amplifier

Stefano Borgiani, designer of the Vinyl  RE.Turn Turntable and  HARP RIAA Preamplifier

Marco Bartolotta and Davide Colasanti, dealing with different flavours of cables

Guido "Browny" Borghesani, a consultant with a long experience in the professional audio industry

All members of our team have good skills in the areas of industrial electronics, physics, telecommunications, manufacturing of musical instruments,  electrical connectivity in the aerospace sector, and they have all matured over the years the serious intention to design and manufacture, professionally, high-quality and innovative  audio products.
We all share  the passion for the music, which means that each HEAD Audio Solution is always designed and manifactured having in mind the purpose for which it has been created: to provide the best possible sound quality in order to improve the “emotional transfer”  to the listener.

Some components of the HEAD team:
Top Left: Guido Borghesani,Graziano Ponzo, Marco Bartolotta.
Bottom Left: Leonardo D'Aprano, Luigi Ponzo.

Design/Code by: HEOLO acoustic productions
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