"HEAD (High End Audio Devices) is a young brand whose aim is  to create innovative products for a high quality audio listening. We initially focused our efforts on the creation of custom projects for  few selected  clients. Later on,  due to the excellent feedbacks received, we have decided to commercially offer some of our products, as result of extensive expertise in more than 20 years of achievements in high fidelity (both in electronic and in speakers design.) An essential characteristic of all our products is that they are entirely handcrafted. Smaller differences and imperfections in the finish is not an indicator of poor accuracy, but are present to witness the hand of the artisan who makes each product virtually unique. The high manufacturing quality of our products is comparably higher than the devices produced in series, which cannot, for obvious limitations of the industrial production process, submit the same care, in particular for the electroacoustic aspects. An integral part of the production process is represent by intensive listening sessions of each of our products, through the use of music programs selected and representative of various genres, in a defined environment. This last phase of the production process, is in our opinion, essential to ensure the quality of the product and to ensure that the final result is what we expect. "

 Our catalog includes all the key components for the setup of a no-compromise audio chain:

H.E.O.LO.: the Speakers series
TU.LI.P: the Preamplifier
MUSI.CA: The Amplifier
Vinyl Re.Turn: The Turntable
HARP: The RIAA Preamplifier
HEAD-S, P-HEAD, HEAD-AC: connection cables
PowerStrip-S2: The AC power strip  

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