Brief summary about the measurement results  made on the HEOLO Speakers...

We have carried out some comparative measurements between a conventional speaker and HEOLO, in order  to better understand the real differences between the two solutions. The amazing result are reported in the two graphics / video below. What is immediately evident is that in a conventional speaker the frequency response in the upper part of the spectrum decreases dramatically when the angle of listening is moved from the front of the speaker, while, on the contrary, the HEOLO maintains an almost linear frequency response.
The consequence of such behavior can be easily perceived, because as the angle is increased, then there is a loss of detail and focus and, above all, a drastic loss of efficiency in the region of medium-high.
The practical consequence is that in order to obtain an optimal experience in classic speakers, the listener must be seated at the exact vertex of a triangle that ideally connects the two speakers and the listener. In some cases this triangle is even more restricted because confined between the position of the tweeters and the head / ear of the listener.
Conversely HEOLO behave in a diametrically opposite way: the variation of the angle of listening does not affect the frequency response at all!  There is no privileged position, and at the same time it is possible to perceive the details and the position of any musical  instruments and voices on the stage, even if you are sitting outside the ideal listening triangle.

Rather than listening triangle, we could now talk about a "listening sphere” !


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Audioreview (Italy) - AR n. 304 (HEOLO), AR n. 337 (MUSI.CA & TU.LI.P)

Audioreview (Italy) - AR n. 304 (HEOLO), AR n. 337 (MUSI.CA & TU.LI.P)

"The scene expands and acquires the 3D characteristic that many manufacturers are trying to achieve without success for a long time ..."

G.Materazzo (Audio Review n.304)

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"The ultra-compact HEAD Amplifier immediately shows to be " great performer "in the extreme load, producing curves that rise with considerable slope and fairly well separated ..."

"This preamplifier is also the first unit we ever measured which voluntarily introduces non-linearity. Therefore we have  appreciably increased the number of extra tests: the results confirm the statements of the manufacturer ..."

F.Montanucci (Audio Review n.337)

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