Our first project is by far the most innovative, named HEOLO (High End Omnidirectional LOudspeaker). This represents the best example where we practiced most of our knowledge and experience in electroacoustic field. It is partly inspired by the studies of Prof. Moulton on acoustic lenses, and most in general on radiation pattern of the tweeter. The peculiarity of HEOLO can be summarized with their ability to "disappear" virtually from the stage, not being locatable as the source of the sound,  that is rather localized in three-dimensional space that extends continuously between the speakers and beyond these, with an unusual depth and with an ability to focus on the musical instruments in a defined and surprisingly stable attitude.

The speakers are without any doubt the most important and delicate ring in the creation of an audio chain, and it is for this reason that HEOLO was our first objective. Next, we complemented its offer with the electronics that could make the most of our speakers, and at the same time could represent an interesting proposal for an evolution of sound systems from other vendors. We do not believe in the "magic" matching between two or more components, but we firmly believe that every component should make its valuable and unique contribution to the final result!

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Design/Code by: HEOLO acoustic productions
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