The theory behind the HEOLO project

Most of the speakers have a frequency response in the high-medium range which degrades significantly as early as 20 degrees off-axis (a typical condition of listening).
To achieve a good angular dispersion we have completely redesigned the placement of the tweeter and introduced a custom mechanical device to properly modify the radiation pattern.

The main benefit  introduced  is that the transducer maintains a constant audio level  in every direction, while keeping the frequency response virtually unchanged up to about 80 off-axis. 

In this way, we finally decreed the end of the listening single sweet spot.

 The striking feature of the speakers HEOLO is that they are able to draw a surprisingly realistic virtual stage, palpable and convincing. The details of the information contained in the records are revealed very clearly, allowing the listener to perceive any details with great definition and accuracy. The sound stage provided by  HEOLO speakers has a very considerable depth, giving the illusion of being originated by an imaginary stage behind and around the speakers.

The speakers tend to "disappear" and the sound seems to be emitted from the space beyond their location brightly and airy.  The particular solution adopted makes it possible to achieve a substantial independence from listening position.

Summarizing, HEOLO speakers are capable to reproduce a pleasant sound message, entertaining and enveloping the listener with the music, without forcing a single sweet spot,  and with an easiness of listening where no stress is perceived, even after hours of listening.








Design/Code by: HEOLO acoustic productions
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